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da Vinci® Surgeons

Stephen Boyce, M.D.

As a native Texan, there was a natural connection to Tennessee where Dr. Boyce has continued his interest and practice in weight loss surgery. With over 20 years experience in weight loss surgery Dr. Boyce’s formal education began at Texas A&M University. Dr. Boyce obtained his Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science from TAMU before beginning medical school in Dallas, Texas at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. He performed his surgical residency at Parkland Memorial Hospital where he was introduced to weight loss surgery under the tutelage of one of the field’s pioneering fathers, Dr. Otto Wilbanks.

After residency, Dr. Boyce moved his wife and two children to Knoxville, Tennessee to begin practice in 1992. Having completed thousands of weight loss surgical procedures, and with special training in advanced laparoscopic surgery as well as completing Masters Certification in Bariatric Surgery, Dr. Boyce is the most experienced weight loss surgeon in East Tennessee.
Dr. Boyce’s practice, the New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery (a part of Premier Surgical Associates), had its beginning in 2002 and became a Center of Excellence in 2005. Due to his extensive training and experience, Dr. Boyce is qualified to offer all approved Bariatric operations.

Walter W. Chiles III, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Walter Chiles is a board-certified urologic surgeon and has been in practice since 2005. To date, he has performed hundreds of robotic surgeries starting in 2006. He is also a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of urologic diseases, prostate cancer, kidney disease, bladder cancer, testicular cancer, as well as BPH, ED, kidney stones and female urology.

Robotic Expertise:
Dr. Chiles is one of the few surgeons in Tennessee qualified to perform a robotic assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy. He has had great success using the latest intuitive daVinci robot available in the treatment of many urologic issues. Building on this success, he has expanded the use of the technology to include cancerous and noncancerous urologic issues. Now he is performing partial nephrectomies and pyeloplasties.

Professional Experience:
Dr. Chiles received his medical degree from the University of Tennessee in Memphis in 1999. He completed a general surgery internship and urology residency at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock. He served as Chief Resident for the Department of Urology in 2004. Dr. Chiles is certified by the American Board of Urology and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He has served on numerous community and hospital boards, including a stent as the Chief of Surgery. Presently, he is Chairman of the Tennova Turkey Creek Medical Center Leadership committee.


Michael Fields, M.D.

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Robotic Experience:
Dr. Fields is a board certified OB/GYN practicing gynecologic surgery and obstetrics in the Knoxville area since 2001. He has earned the Epicenter designation from Intuitive Surgical, one of only twenty-two centers in the United States, for physician proctoring. Dr. Fields has treated more than 1,000 patients using the daVinci robotic assisted technology and has been recognized with the award of Distinguished Contributions for Robotic Surgery, by Intuitive Surgical in 2010. Dr. Fields has long been an advocate and pioneer in the field of robotic surgery. He performed the first robotic laparoscopic hysterectomy in the region in 2006. He has gone on to perform the first single-incision robotic laparoscopy, along with the first sacrocolpopexy, a procedure for severe uterine and vaginal prolapsed, in the Southeast.

Professional Experience:
Dr. Fields is a graduate of Bearden High School, Carson Newman College, and Quillen College of Medicine, and completed his residency training at the University of Tennessee. He has been appointed director of Robotic Surgery at Tennova Healthcare-Turkey Creek Medical Center. Dr. Fields is a fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and maintains Board Certification through the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Gregory Glover, M.D.

Gynecology and Obstetrics
In practice for 26 years, Dr. Glover is a board-certified gynecologic surgeon and was the first minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon in Knoxville certified by the Accreditation Council for Gynecologic Endoscopy and the American Institute for Minimally Invasive Surgery. He has performed robotic-assisted surgery for three years, with special emphasis on treating endometriosis, fibroid tumors, and pelvic organ prolapse. In addition to robotic surgery, he has extensive experience in laparoscopic hysteroscopy and vaginal surgery.

Robotic expertise:
Dr. Glover is one of few East Tennessee surgeons performing robotic treatment of extensive endometriosis; sacrocolpopexy for treatment of uterine and vaginal prolapse; myomectomeis for the removal of fibroids without removing the uterus; and complicated hysterectomies.

Professional experience:
As a co-founder of the Laparoscopic Surgery Center at Baptist Hospital of East Tennessee, Dr. Glover has been a mentor for laparoscopic surgeons for more than 20 years. Memberships include American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists and the American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Timothy LeRoy, M.D.

Dr. LeRoy practices general adult urology treating all urologic problems including: male and female voiding dysfunction, stones of the urinary system, incontinence, urinary tract infection, male and female sexual dysfunction, and urologic cancers with both traditional and minimally invasive surgery.

Robotic Expertise:
With robotics gaining a national presence around 2003, Dr. LeRoy was able to capitalize on the experience of the pioneers in the field throughout his training at the Mayo Clinic. He has authored several peer-reviewed publications that specifically contribute to the training of robotic surgeons and the utilization of robotic surgery in urology. His use of robotic surgery encompasses cancerous diseases of the prostate, bladder, and kidney. The robotic platform is also employed for non-cancerous diseases and reconstruction of the upper and lower urologic tracts.

Professional Experience:
Dr. LeRoy completed his undergraduate degree locally, graduating from Maryville College with honors in 2000. He then received his medical degree from East Carolina University in 2006, earning Alpha Omega Alpha distinction. His general surgery internship and urologic surgery residency was earned at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. He served as the Chief Resident of Urology during 2010-2011. Dr. LeRoy has contributed to the scholarly advance of the science authoring research grants, presenting videos, papers, and discussions at major urologic conferences, as well as publishing professional articles and videos. He maintains membership in many professional societies such as the American Urologic Association.

Garrett Lischer, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Lischer is a board-certified urologist who has practiced in the community since 2004 with Knoxville Urology Clinic. He specializes in the urologic management of prostate cancer, bladder cancer, testicular cancer, benign prostate hyperplasia, kidney stones, voiding dysfunction and female urology.

Robotic Expertise:
Dr. Lischer was in residency training at the Mayo Clinic during the installation of its first robotic surgery system. He was involved with some of the pioneering robotic radical prostatectomies at that institution. He has continued to utilize this technology since its introduction to the Knoxville area in 2005. While initially utilized only for prostate cancer surgery, Dr. Lischer has expanded his use of robotic surgery to include management of non-cancerous diseases of the kidney, bladder, and pelvic organs.

Professional Experience:
Dr. Lischer received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical School in Dallas, Texas in 1998, earning Alpha Omega Alpha distinction. He completed a general surgery internship and urology surgery residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He served as Chief Resident at the Mayo Clinic Department of Urology in 2003-2004. Dr. Lischer is certified by the American Board of Urology and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He has been Chief of Surgery at Baptist West Hospital and has served on numerous hospitals’ advisory committees. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Knox Area Stone Center. Dr. Lischer maintains membership in many professional societies including the Mayo Fellows Association, The American Urologic Association, The American College of Surgeons, and The American Association of Clinical Urologists. For the advancement of the field, Dr. Lischer has authored research grants, published professional articles and presented papers, abstracts and videos at professional urological assemblies.

Sudha Nair, M.D., FACOG

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Sudha Nair, M.D., FACOG, is a board-certified gynecologic surgeon and OB/Gyn and has been in practice for more than eight years. She is in private practice at ISIS Women’s Care at Turkey Creek Medical Center. To date, Dr. Nair has performed everything from simple to very complex robotic procedures at the Turkey Creek facility. She is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of menstrual disorders, infertility treatments, endometriosis, and other pelvic pain syndromes. She performs many advanced minimally invasive treatments for heavy menstrual bleeding and fibroids, and other gynecologic disorders.

Robotic Expertise:
Dr. Nair is one of the few surgeons in Tennessee qualified to perform a robotic hysterectomy (removal of uterus), myomectomy (removal of fibroids) and robotic treatment of pelvic endometriosis and scar tissue / salpingophorectomy (removal of tubes and ovaries) using the da Vinci Si 2 Robotic system.

Professional Experience:
Post-graduate training included laparoscopic advanced pelvic surgery and uro-gynecological surgery at Flushing Hospital Medical Center, New York.
Dr. Nair is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She is also a member of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology /American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery and the American Medical Association.

Nick Rangnekar, M.D.

General Surgery
Dr. Rangnekar is a board-certified general surgeon, and has been in practice for more than 10 years. He is the first surgeon in East Tennessee to perform single-site robotic gallbladder surgery. He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal disease. He performs minimally invasive surgeries on hernia, gallbladder, colon, and other solid organs. He also specializes in surgical endoscopy, ERCP and is fellowship trained in the field.

Robotic Expertise:
Professional Experience:

K. Robert Williams, M.D.

Dr. K. Robert Williams is a fellowship-trained minimally invasive bariatric surgeon and a Fellow of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. In practice, his interests include all aspects of general surgery with an emphasis on the surgical treatment of obesity and reflux. He has performed over 700 bariatric surgeries; most of these have been laparoscopic. Dr. Williams is qualified to offer all approved bariatric operations.

Dr. Williams hails from Southwestern Virginia. He attended the University of Virginia School of Medicine. As a general surgery resident at Union Memorial Hospital he began performing laparoscopic bariatric surgeries in 2003. Dr Williams completed a minimally invasive fellowship at Allegheny General Hospital (Pittsburgh, Pa) in 2006. Immediately after finishing his specialized training in minimally invasive surgery, Dr. Williams was pleased to move to Knoxville, Tennessee, where he practices with Dr. Boyce with the New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery.

Michael E. Bullen, M.D.


Christopher Harris, M.D., F.A.C.S.


Penny Knight, M.D.


Aaron Margulies, M.D.

General Surgery

Brook Saunders, M.D.

Oncology, Gynecologic

Jay Young, M.D.

Colon & Rectal Surgery
MAKOplasty® Surgeons

W. David Hovis, M.D.

Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. David Hovis is a board certified Orthopaedic Surgeon and one of the few Fellowship Trained Sports Medicine Specialists in East Tennessee. Dr. Hovis specializes in Arthroscopic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Knee and Shoulder, Sports Medicine, Athletic Injuries, Cartilage Restoration, Total Joint Arthroplasty, and Makoplasty.

Robotic Expertise:
Dr. Hovis was one of the first Orthopaedic Surgeons in East Tennessee to adopt the MAKOplasty Procedure for partial knee replacement. He also performed the first MAKOplasty Hip Procedure in the state of Tennessee.

MAKOplasty® is a breakthrough procedure in knee replacement enabled by robotic arm technology that allows the surgeon to perform surgery precisely through a smaller incision as compared to traditional replacement surgery. Dr. Hovis uses the RIO® Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System to precisely place the implant selected for your knee. The precise placement of the implant aided by 3-D imaging and the robotic arm lead to better surgical outcomes than are possible through manual placement. Additionally, the preservation of your own natural bone and tissue may also result in a more natural feeling knee. And since healthy bone is preserved, patients who undergo MAKOplasty® partial knee procedures may still be candidates for a total knee replacement procedure later in life if necessary.

Professional Experience:
Dr. Hovis earned his Medical Degree with honors from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. He completed a General Surgery Internship at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, TX and an Orthopedic Residency with honors at the University of Texas-Southwestern, also in Dallas, TX. In addition, Dr. Hovis fulfilled a Sports Medicine Fellowship at the prestigious Steadman-Hawkins Clinic in Vail, CO, where he served as an Assistant Team Physician for the Denver Broncos Football Team. Dr. Hovis completed a Traveling Fellowship in Shoulder Surgery at the University of Zurich in Zurich, Switzerland.

Dr. Hovis serves as a Team Physician for the United States Alpine Ski Team and works with the Olympic Committee. His research on Sports Medicine and Treatments for Knee and Shoulder Injuries is published in numerous peer-reviewed journals. Known for his knowledge of cutting-edge procedures and products, Dr. Hovis is a sought after international and national presenter.

William L. Johnson, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon
William L. Johnson is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and has been in practice for more than 25 years. He has extensive experience in hip and knee replacement surgery with thousands of successful procedures.

Robotic Expertise:
Dr. Johnson’s experience includes minimal incision and advanced technique joint replacement surgery. He has been trained with the MAKOplasty robotics system and is qualified to perform robotic unit compartmental knee arthroplasty.

Professional Experience:
Dr. Johnson attended the University of Tennessee Medical School followed by post graduate training, including general surgery, internship, and orthopaedic surgery residency at Fitzsimmons AMC in Denver, Colorado. He had six years of experience in the US Army Medical Corp followed by his orthopaedic surgery practice in Knoxville established in 1993. Dr. Johnson is board-certified in orthopaedic surgery. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Michael Howard, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgery

Mark MacNaughton, M.D.